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Restoration of a Corinthian column capital at a bed and breakfast inn in Micanopy, Florida

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Restoration of a 19th century mural by Oddenino at Mitchells Presbyterian Church in Mitchells, VA

Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC has been providing quality restoration, decorative and creative services for homes, museums, public buildings and churches since 1977.

Attention to Detail


We maintain studios in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and in historic Micanopy, Florida.  We have fulfilled our clients' needs on a wide range of projects where attention to detail matters. Pictured here:   Restoration of Radford University's Joan of Arc statue



Many of our projects have included historic properties, some of which are listed on state and national registers. Other projects are for newer properties, whose owners desire historically inspired proportions, ornamentation and finishes. Pictured here:  Ingles Ferry Tavern restoration, Radford, VA

Our specialties

Trompe L’oeil and Faux Finishes

Faux leather ceiling treatment in private home


These traditional “fool the eye” techniques can be utilized for both traditional and contemporary purposes. They are highly regarded for adding to the ambiance of interior spaces. Effects can be utilized for pure whimsy or to complement the existing architecture and accessories of a room. Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC produces highly realistic illusionary ornament, moldings, columns, arches and stonework. They also produce manipulated paint/glazed finishes (faux finishes) which add depth and textural interest to surfaces.

Murals and Theme Rooms

Fantasy mural in private home


Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC can recreate the mood of a faraway place and time with the application of plaster, paint and glazed treatments. Clever use of perspective and surface treatments can add the illusion of a 3-dimensional surface to a wall or other interior space.

Historic Paintwork and Restoration



Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC has had extensive experience in the preservation, stabilization and replication of historic murals and signage. Pictured here:     1930s sign restoration at Thrasher Museum, Micanopy, FL.

Exterior Historic Restoration

Exterior restoration of Mitchells Presbyterian Church, Mitchells, VA


Respect for the intentions of the original designer and/or builder, and careful selection and manipulation of repair materials are the benchmarks to which we adhere for this important aspect of our services. Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC has completed numerous projects for properties listed on national and state registers. For projects such as these, we are careful to adhere to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards. To date, we have completed projects for private homes, inns, churches, universities, courthouses and museums.  Pictured here:   Exterior restoration at Mitchells Presbyterian Church, VA

Sculpture and Ornament Restoration

Restored copper lions from historic Alachua County Courthouse, FL


Respect for existing materials, and careful selection and manipulation of repair materials are the essence of our approach to this special aspect of our business. Fine Line Architectural Detailing LLC has worked extensively in the area of preservation, restoration and replication of sculpted objects. The company’s artisans are experienced and proficient in using numerous traditional and modern materials in the pursuit of preserving and/or replicating sculpted objects. We have completed numerous projects for museums, court houses, universities, churches, inns and private collectors.  Pictured here:  Restoration of copper lions from Alachua County  Courthouse, FL

Original and Commissioned Artwork


Fine Line also showcases original two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork by the company's two primary artisans: Tom Thomas (owner) and his son, Andrew Thomas.  Both men are experienced and proficient in working in a wide variety of traditional and modern mediums.  They enjoy creating unique drawings, paintings and sculptures, some of which are available for sale. Commissions are welcome as well.

architectural salvage

  Tom Thomas began collecting architectural salvage in the mid-1970s, while living and working near Washington, D.C.  Many “renewal” projects were occurring in the city, and he couldn’t bear to see dumpsters filled with Victorian mantels, doors, millwork and claw foot tubs. Thomas dragged home all that he could. Gradually, he began to find and purchase interesting architectural items at flea markets and antique shops. Through the years, he has also purchased the  salvage rights to numerous structures that were scheduled for demolition. 

Because of Thomas' collection, Fine Line has been able to help clients by providing and installing elements that may have been missing from their original structures. The company also has clients who simply want to create a new space with an “old feel”. 

Now, Thomas is in the planning stages of getting all of these items digitally cataloged and hopes to create a separate website from which he can market them. In the meantime, if there are individuals who are seeking specific items, they may contact Tom regarding their needs. He can check his stock and, if available, he can send pictures and pricing. 

Thomas' collection is not set up as a shop at this time, and his storage environments are not conducive to browsing. 

Items available include: logs, timbers, beams, boards, millwork, flooring, bead boards, columns, doors, window sash, mantels, cast iron sinks, claw foot tubs, iron fencing, and all manner of hardware and light fixtures. 

Please scroll down to the gallery below for a sample of  Thomas' inventory.

Please feel free to contact Tom with your specific needs:  Tom Thomas 352-317-0631 or

Roman style columns
Roman style columns

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